czwartek, 12 listopada 2015


The penis is like some sort of bizarre sea slug or like a real long big toe. It’s important, but the pinnacle of sexual design, the top of the list of erotic destinations? I don’t think so. One’s first impulse is to kiss? What? To kiss the lips. Firm, delicious, rich, sweet lips. Surrounding a warm, moist, soothingly scented mouth. That’s what everyone wants to kiss. Not a toe. Not a slug. The mouth. And why do you think that is? Because the mouth is the twin system of the almost exact lookalike of the one between the folds. The mouth is the twin system of the vagina. …
The opening … to be taken in, engulfed, to be squeezed, lovingly crushed by what is truly the most wonderful, most caressing mouth. If it’s design you’re concerned with, hidden meaning, symbolism, power, forget the top of Mount Everest, forget the bottom of the sea, the moon and the stars. There is no place, no where that has been the object of more ambitions, of more battles, than the sweet, sacred mystery between a woman’s legs that I am proud to call my pussy.

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